Everyday Not So Crap Family Meals

Let The Australian Women’s Weekly and Jessica Rowe help you say goodbye to dreary weeknight dinners with flavourful
and fun dinners and desserts. Enjoy more time at the dinner table and less in the kitchen. Take the pressure off at dinner time with low-fuss meals that’ll please even the fussiest of eaters. Inside the colourful pages of this book you’ll find easy-to-follow recipes that don’t shy away from cooking hacks (lasagne in a frying pan – who knew!) or the convenience of pre-prepared ingredients (salad mixes, pasta sauces, bbq chook etc). You’ll be mastering scrumptious stir-fries, pastas, roast dinners and pies, to name a few. And we haven’t forgotten dessert! Easy-peasy creations like trifles, slices and cakes (oh my) will satisfy your sweet tooth. So crack open this book and make family dinner time fun.

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