A Real Girls' Guide to Money (2023 Revised Edition)

A lot has happened since the first edition of this book was released in early 2019 – we’ve survived a pandemic, a recession, seen the first rate hikes in years, and cost of living is through the roof! This makes it more important than ever for Aussies to take control of their finances. Written by leading personal finance commentator and Today money expert, Effie Zahos, this book will help readers do just that. Revised and updated for 2023, this edition includes a bonus Bill Buster Action Plan to help beat the cost of living. There’s also a refreshed Money Makeover that puts the fun back into saving with 26 simple money hacks that readers can apply to their finances. Effie Zahos also tackles everything from successful budgeting and understanding your spending triggers to buying your first home, investing, and saving for retirement.

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