Emma's Tea Party

Who doesn’t love a party? Especially a party with The Wiggles!
The most popular Wiggle, Emma, is hosting a tea party and we’re
all invited. There’ll be plenty of singing and dancing, great friends
to wiggle with, and delicious party food too... which your child will
have helped cook!

The Wiggles have been a household name and a worldwide
phenomenon for decades now, entertaining children with their
upbeat, catchy songs and bringing joy to their lives. Now they want
to teach your child how to cook too.

Join Emma and her friends in the kitchen with your little wiggle and
teach them how to make sandwiches, dips, pizza, cheesy chicken
strips, potato wedges, fruit salad, pikelets, ice-cream sundaes,
ice blocks and more. They’ll love getting involved in the cooking –
mixing, stirring, beating, rolling, flipping, scooping, decorating.
Emma’s Tea Party includes easy-to-make food, perfect for light meals,
snacks and treats, and for children’s birthday parties too, all of which
have the stamp of approval from kids. Your little wiggle will have no
issues devouring all the yummy party food in this book, particularly
as they will have made it with love and enthusiasm – and with you!

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