The Wiggles The Little Lunchbox

Choosing what delicious and nutritious food (that your kids will actually eat!)  to put in the daily lunchbox can sometimes seem an impossible task. You need the perfect combo of fresh, filling and yummy. It’s a puzzle that is hard to crack. But The Wiggles are ready to help! No more disappointment when your child gets home and you empty their lunchbox to find all your hard work unfinished or complete uneaten. In our new book, The Little Lunchbox, you can mix and match your child’s favourite snacks and main meals to get the pairing that they will eat – every time. With recipes for 20 different healthy snacks and 20 filling mains, there are over 300 different combos you can try with you little Wiggle! Better yet, each recipe is simple enough to get your kids in the kitchen with you – when they have helped cooked the food themselves there is less of a chance that they will waste it. It’s their hard work that made it after all! Make lunchtime fun and delicious again with The Wiggles!

Hard Cover
$ 29.99
Out of print/Discontinued

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