How Not To Live Your Best Life

From the makers of the hilarious podcast PLAYING DEVIL’S AVOCADO comes a laugh-out-loud guide to life for women who are getting older but haven’t quite worked out how to grow up... Once, women over 50 could look forward to growing old quietly, disappearing into a pair of white slacks and a grey bob – no more!

Women are now told they should want to have it all. Podcasts, books and websites say you should be achieving, succeeding and juggling multiple balls. But what if you'd rather run your own race?

Claire and Lisa are honest, hilarious and matter of fact about midlife and the obstacles it brings up. For them, it's time to get real about getting older – it’s funny and awkward but you can do it in style. And while the world might suggest you’re invisible if you’re not a “superwoman”, they don’t care what anyone thinks. They're having a party over here – and it’s a whole heap of fun!

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